Elementary Students Move Up & Onward


The District celebrated the academic milestones of its students with primary moving-up ceremonies. District teachers, administrators, Board of Education and community members came together to recognize the John Quincy Adams (JQA) and May Moore Elementary Class of 2010 second-grade graduates. 

Students at JQA crafted paper balloons for their themed event “Up, Up and Away to JFK,” while May Moore students sported their falcon pride dressed in maroon T-shirts, which read the school’s logo “May Moore - The Place To Be.” Students at both schools entertained the crowd singing a variety of musical selections including Ready to Go and I Learned From You.

The events concluded with a presentation of students, during which teachers recapped the school year’s activities and presented students with graduation certificates. John F. Kennedy Intermediate School Principal Susan Bonner then welcomed students from both JQA and May Moore to their new school, and encouraged them to become active learners inside the classroom and participate in JFK’s diverse clubs and organizations.

At Abraham Lincoln’s Pre-Kindergarten “Faces of the Future” celebration, classes performed choreographed songs and dances, which illustrated the educational and social lessons students learned throughout the year. Decorating for the festive occasion, students created their likenesses painting faces, bodies and clothes on paper cutouts, which covered the school’s stage.

All of these advancing students had the opportunity to visit the schools they will be attending next year and meet the administrators and teachers who will guide them through their future academic ventures.