HS Mock Trial Team Shows Growth

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A total of 22 high school students successfully participated on this year’s mock trial team, the most members the school has fielded to date. Guided by team adviser Joe Alo and attorney adviser and Suffolk County Judge John Kelly, the mock trial students competed in the United States v. Phoenix Jones case, with the prosecution team attempting to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Phoenix Jones was guilty of operating cryptocurrency on the dark web and organizing a conspiracy to trade illicit goods, and the defense team attempting to clear Phoenix Jones of all charges and convince the Judge to find her not guilty.

“Our team members managed to accomplish the tasks of improving their public speaking and critical-thinking skills and forming cohesive arguments while having fun and making friends along the way,” said Alo. “I am so fortunate and grateful to see my students grow in many aspects they may not have thought possible in their academic careers. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of dozens of people and deliver courtroom jargon while remembering all of the little aspects of courtroom etiquette, all while having a full-time job of being a high school student. These young men and women have what it takes.”