Students Bring Color to Peer’s Words From the Heart

Robert Frost Middle School eighth-grade student Christy Jourdain received the gift of life with a heart transplant last year, and during this challenging time, used her creativity to fuel her strength. Throughout Christy's heart transplant journey, which included long stays in the hospital and myriad tests, she wrote a series of poems about colors, titled “I Need Colors, Colors Mean Life!” which described the emotions each shade evoked at that time.

Christy’s sister Saraya, a seventh-grader, was inspired by her sister’s fortitude and bravery and decided to pay homage to Christy’s literary works by bringing them to life. Led by art teachers Danielle Menig and Maria Giglio, students honored Christy’s vision by taking each of her poems and creating original acrylic paintings to illustrate her words.

Christy’s written words, included the passage, “Aqua Green is the courage to keep going, Nothing is going to stop me moving forward it would be fire that gets bigger and never stops and always keeps light up like the fire in my heart that never goes out.”