JFK Students Fly

Kites served as the inspiration for John F. Kennedy Intermediate School’s fifth-grade moving-up ceremony, with the journey of a kite’s challenging yet rewarding flight used to mirror the growth of students throughout their time at JFK.  

Student leaders, including fifth-grade Student Council President Amanda Poggioli and Vice President Isabella Giglio, shared words of reflection and hopes for the future with their peers and families in attendance. Members of the flute and clarinet choirs performed, as well as the entire fifth-grade class, who sang “We’ll Meet Again,” signifying their transition together to Robert Frost Middle School.  

Various awards and recognitions were presented by Principal Susan Bonner to students who had earned academic honors for attendance, performance and commitment to education. Robert Frost Middle School Principal Eliana Levey welcomed students to their new school and looked forward to their orientation program. District administrators and Board of Education members presented JFK students with their moving-up certificates as classroom teachers read their students’ names.