MacBook Deployment at Frost Continues Tech Initiative

Robert Frost Middle School recently completed its annual MacBook deployment, an initiative that began in 2010 as a means to increase instructional technology and provide one-to-one computing resources for the district’s students.

Incoming sixth-graders receive an Apple MacBook laptop computer at the beginning of each school year, which then follows them as they continue through middle school. Each summer the MacBooks are then collected by district technology staff and redistributed the following September in three grade-level stages. Andrew Choi, the district’s instructional technology administrator, noted that the completion of the deployments will ensure that every Frost student will have a one-to-one device.

“Our district is excited to continue to provide our students with this technology, which can be used to support lesson plans, conduct academic research, enhance curriculum and improve the students’ tech-literacy skills, and the teachers at Robert Frost are eager to use the MacBooks as part of their instruction,” said Choi.