Frost Students Learn to Achieve Goals with ‘Dream, Dare, Do!’

Students at Robert Frost Middle School got a head start in learning to achieve their goals on Sept. 25 when “Dream, Dare, Do!” came to the school’s gymnasium. This latest assembly from Camfel Productions, known for over 40 years for their acclaimed character education and anti-bullying programs, utilized an eye-grabbing three screens, vibrant music and emotionally direct views into the lives and challenges of real peers to teach effective lessons on personal responsibility.

Accompanied by speeches by Camfel presenter Isaac Ayala, “Dream, Dare, Do!” served to help students in identifying dreams, overcoming obstacles, setting goals and taking responsibility for achieving those dreams.

“Stand up for everyone, take what you’ve seen here and adopt it into your own life,” Ayala told the seventh-graders, reiterating the assembly’s directive, “Dare to stand up for the dreams of others.”

Among the real-life challenges met head-on during the 45-minute program were dealing with pressure, the effects of cyberbullying, making positive choices, and the need for work, focus and effort.

“Goals don’t come easy,” Frost Associate Principal Gary Ramonetti said afterward. He also urged the students to avoid negative people and not to stop others from achieving their own goals.