Bread Baking at Frost Serves Both Educational and Charitable Needs

The middle school recently hosted the King Arthur Flour Life Skills Bread Baking Program, a special culinary workshop that teaches students important educational concepts while also providing a valuable service to the community.

King Arthur Flour baking instructor Amy Driscoll was on hand in the school’s cafe to demonstrate how bread is made, assisted by Frost students Mohammad Abdullah and Ajay Decleus. The participating seventh- and eighth-graders learned practical mathematical skills like measurement as well as the scientific processes behind the making of several varieties of bread. Each student was provided the materials to bake two loaves at home, one to keep and another destined for local charities to help feed those in need. The bread-baking program at Frost donated 285 loaves of bread and bread-making supplies to two soup kitchens, the Shepherd’s Table in Deer Park and the Mercy INN in Wyandanch.