Frost Students Win Veterans Awareness Essay Contest

Two seventh-graders at the middle school were recently named winners of this year’s Town of Babylon Veterans Awareness Week student essay contest, with Julianna Knice winning first place and Kristen Alo’s entry coming in second. The winners were selected by a panel of veterans and were honored at a ceremony at Babylon Town Hall in Lindenhurst on Nov. 3 to kick off Veterans Awareness Week.

“As a building, we are extremely proud of Kristen and Julianna,” said Principal Eliana Levey. “They represent not only their school but the entire Deer Park community with the sensitive and moving essays they each wrote honoring our veterans.”

“Our thank-you does not have to be fancy or expensive – it may be as simple as taking a little time to talk with a veteran,” Alo expressed in her essay, while Knice said of the veterans, “I believe that a thank-you is not enough, but it is at least something. I am in constant awe of them. The way they leave their loved ones to protect all of us – people they don’t even know – is amazing.” 

Levey also cited the two girls’ teachers, Lindsay Baudier and Kevin Cogan, whose encouragement spurred the winning students to participate in this year’s contest. “Their dedication to honoring this country’s heroes sets a wonderful example for all of their students,” she said. Town Councilwoman Jacqueline A. Gordon, a chairwoman of the Veterans’ Advisory Council, also thanked the teachers, saying, “It is important for the students to know and learn about our veterans and their sacrifices.”

“Every year I take the opportunity to stress the importance of Veterans Day to my classes,” said Baudier, who noted that more than 20 of her students, including Knice, participated in the contest as a voluntary assignment. “It is an important day for Americans to pay respect to our military servicemen and servicewomen – a day to honor the sacrifice, courage and commitment of our veterans who have served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force and who help to secure our freedom every day.”