‘HATs’ Off to Frost Students


Teachers at Deer Park Robert Frost Middle School are motivating students through positive, proactive participation. Curriculum Associate for Humanities Oslyn Rodriguez has instituted the Renaissance Program, an educational enrichment program developed to inspire and encourage the acceptance and excitement for academics through student empowerment, recognition, and reward.

Renaissance exercises are designed to increase student performance through engagement and raising the level of school unity. Homework, Agenda, on-Time (H.A.T.) Patrol is one of several recognition activities that has been implemented at Frost Middle School. On any given day during the week, Ms. Rodriguez dons the most creative, lavish hat she can find and begins her highly anticipated “H.A.T. patrol.” Walking the halls of the school, she randomly visits classrooms and searches for a class where everyone present has met the following criteria: Completed their Homework, brought their Agendas, and reported to class on-Time. If everyone in the class has met the program requirements, the entire class enjoys a reward. Students look forward to Ms. Rodriguez’s surprise visits (pictured here), resulting in increased student self-preparation and an overall sense of pride for students in their daily successes.