Live History Lessons


The High School hosted a Veterans Day Symposium this November to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have worked and continue to work to protect the nation. Social studies students spent the morning speaking with and learning from local veterans and active duty soldiers. Ten United States Army and Marine Corps members who served in Vietnam and are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan visited the district and interacted with students.

During the symposium, the soldiers shared their personal experiences and stories of their time in the service as well as described the culture and climate of the United States and the lands abroad in which they fought. Additionally, the veterans and soldiers explained the various missions they were involved in while impressing upon the students that their ultimate mission was to protect America and the country’s freedoms. All of the soldiers’ stories echoed characteristics of strength, courage and teamwork, as well as the strenuous tactical and physical training soldiers endure. The students gained a unique perspective on the roles of soldiers during times of war and peace and were able to compare and contrast wars throughout history.