JQA Pre-K Class Constructs Educational Igloo from Plastic Jugs


Prekindergartners at John Quincy Adams recently participated in a perfect winter project, one that develops early science and mathematics concepts while serving as a terrific way to recycle used plastic jugs. With the help of several class parents, teacher Laura Oddo’s students collected hundreds of gallon-size milk and water jugs to construct a six-foot-high igloo.

“This is an exciting way to kick off our winter theme,” said Oddo. “The students learn about such things as Arctic animals, the water cycle, how temperature affects matter, and how both animals and people survive the cold winter months.”

Parents were invited to the classroom for the “igloo reveal,” while students celebrated by creating Eskimo figurines out of paper and cotton balls. Inside the igloo, which was decorated with colored lights, the children enjoyed ice fishing for toy fish and letters, a “learning through play” opportunity for them to practice letter and number recognition as well as counting skills.     

The igloo will remain standing through February, after which Oddo’s class will take it apart to determine exactly how many jugs were used while discussing recycling concepts.