Smart About Safety


District students learned health and safety tips on a variety of fronts from local law enforcement officials through the Suffolk County Police Department’s PoliceSmart program. Oriented towards grades Kindergarten through eighth, the program brings police officers into classrooms to tackle age-appropriate topics; the goal is to help students make smarter decisions and think about the consequences of their actions.

Not only are students informed on the legal consequences, but also of the health and social consequences and how they can impact their lives and the lives of others. To reinforce and cover topics in depth, officers make multiple visits throughout the school year utilizing personal in-class visits and interactive school-wide assemblies. 

Suffolk County Police Officer Antoinette Semetsis, who grew up in Deer Park, returned to the schools she attended to connect and create a partnership between law enforcement and district students. Serving the department for 20 years, Officer Semetsis takes pride in Deer Park student achievement and community success, and hopes to mentor local youth through productive, law-abiding decision-making.

Through the PoliceSmart program, Deer Park elementary students learn about pedestrian, fire and home safety and handling emergency situations through illustrated action posters, while intermediate and middle school students explored drug, alcohol and tobacco use, Internet bullying and car safety with influential power point presentations.