Owls Instill Sense of Wonder at May Moore


Students at May Moore were treated to a special visit from Jim Jones of Volunteers for Wildlife and four live owls during the school’s inaugural Whoooo’s Who Owls of the Night Discovery program.

The assembly complemented this year’s schoolwide theme centered on owls and served as the perfect ending to May Moore’s weeklong Add and Explore math and science fair.

“Even in the overly technological world of today, people – and kids especially – still experience that sense of wonder when given the chance to see living creatures of nature,” said Jones. “There is magic in the world – all that we need to do is go out and find it.”

While viewing the barred owl, great horned owl and two screech owls, all rescued and now cared for by Volunteers for Wildlife, the awestruck students learned numerous facts about these amazing birds, including their behavior as predators, their nocturnal lifestyle, and the different hoots and other sounds each species makes.

“We loved the tiny screech owls and were amazed at the wingspan of the barred owl,” said Principal Alicia Konecny. “Many of our students had only previously seen an owl in the Harry Potter movies, so it was awesome to see them up close.”