Blood Drive Saves Lives, One Pint at a Time

At a recent high school blood drive, students and staff sat back comfortably, listening to the gentle sounds of Bob Marley, as technicians from Long Island Blood Services drew blood that will serve a crucial purpose.

“Every pint saves three people’s lives,” explained health teacher Sherry Deacon, using burn victims and children battling leukemia as examples of the kind of people whose lives can be immeasurably helped by blood donation. “The point is you are giving to save a life.”

Deacon also noted an ancillary benefit of the blood drives for the students involved. “It really encourages civic responsibility,” she said.

Deer Park’s blood donation program has been in operation for a dozen years, and involves three drives per school year. The process is run by Long Island Blood Services, who in turn provide two $250 scholarships each year for graduating Deer Park seniors.