An Interdisciplinary Exercise for Pre-K Students


Abraham Lincoln Pre-Kindergarten students and teachers invited District parents for a workshop on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills while educating parents on environmentally friendly educational tasks. The school gymnasium was transformed into an arena of activity, filled with engaging stations that challenged students’ minds and provided parents with tips on how to facilitate simple, inexpensive projects for their children to complete at home using everyday products and supplies.

Learning through play, students predicted, sorted and counted; incorporating their math skills to plot and read candy graphs and form number equations. Applying their science curriculum, students traced their fist to represent the size of their heart and using a ruler measured the diameter and circumference. Mastering fine motor skills, students played a dice game and manipulated forceps to create cotton ball snowmen. They even went “ice fishing,” matching the numbers and letters hooked on to their pole.

Providing Deer Park’s High School Child Development students with firsthand experience, the students were assigned to different workstations to teach the parents who attended environmentally friendly, educational activities that can be replicated at home.

Combining a healthy mind and body students became active at Fitness Day. The objective of the day was to provide an entertaining and energetic circuit workout for which the students could enjoy themselves in a vigorous setting, while appreciating the importance of fitness goals. A concentrated lesson in physical education, Fitness Day emphasized the importance of living an energetic lifestyle with students moving through a series of stations that focused on diverse elements of fitness.

Teachers joined the physical fun, assisting students at each station to ensure that they effectively participated at each event. The sessions concluded with a cool down parachute activity where students demonstrated their teamwork skills.