JFK Explores Native American Culture


Fourth-graders at John F. Kennedy earned in-depth details about Native American culture during a recent educational visit by student Jesse Salto’s father, Joe Salto.

Salto, whose personal passion is studying the history and lifestyles of Native Americans, displayed video imagery as well as Native American artifacts, clothing and musical instruments to enlighten the class. Using a large map of Long Island, which he noted was called “Paumonok” by the local tribes, Salto showed the students the vast array of local town names that derive from Native American words. He also described making his own tepee in his backyard, using materials he found at Home Depot, and discussed the true-life stories and names of such Native American historical figures as Geronimo and Sacagawea.

“This was a great way to conclude the Native American unit that the class has been exploring in social studies,” said teacher Keri Inghilterra, whose class set up the visit.