Filling a Library and Young Minds at Robert Frost Book Fair


Young minds were filled with the excitement of reading, and library shelves were replenished as a result of the recent Scholastic book fair at Robert Frost, sponsored by the school’s Parent Faculty Club.

According to PFC treasurer Debbie Leon, funds raised through book fairs are donated to the Frost library, to expand its array of diverse literary offerings for the students to pore through, as well as funding student scholarships.

“We work hard to fill the library,” said school librarian Kathy Leibow, who noted that she personally reads every single book available at the fair so that she can make accurate recommendations for students searching for just the right book to read.

Among this year’s best-sellers at Frost were “Divergent” and its popular sequels written by Veronica Roth, the humorous “Bad Unicorn” by Platte F. Clark and the second novel in the Percy Jackson series, “The Sea of Monsters.” The latter book was specifically selected by the PTA, Leon noted, to support and complement the district’s decision to purchase the prior book in the series, “The Lightning Thief,” as part of the sixth-grade ELA curriculum.