High School and Primary Students Explore World Languages Together


Celebrating both Language and Culture Month and National Foreign Language Week, senior world language students at the high school prepared introductory language lessons in French, Italian and Spanish for the benefit of younger students in the district. After participating in video conferences with students at John Quincy Adams and May Moorel, they presented Language Exploration Days at both buildings. During these events, the high schoolers visited classrooms and used colorful songs, games and costumes as tools to teach and inspire the kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders concepts such as numbers and colors in the district’s three world languages.

“These activities highlight the use of languages other than English,” said Gina Palasciano, Deer Park’s districtwide curriculum associate of world languages and ESL. “They provide our high school students with the opportunity to create fun and interactive language activities for elementary students in our district.”