Ancient Rome Comes to Humorous Life with Robert Frost Play


Ancient Rome was brought to comedic life in this year’s annual play presented by the Robert Frost  Drama Club. Clad in togas and armor, thespians at the school mined Craig Sodaro’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Colosseum,” set in 30 B.C., for every ounce of humor during two recent performances in the cafeteria.

The large ensemble cast featured Mike Colombo as the farmer-turned-gladiator Simplcus, Sanjay Singh as Emperor Caesar Obamus, Lynne Gbadamosi as Divinia, Ray Ugalde as Publicus Piscius, Danielle Tirado as Drusilla, Tristan Tirado as General Spurius Sillius, Erica Clinton as Dominatia Violencia and Roger Singh as Terribulus. The dedicated stage crew included 10 sixth-graders, 18 seventh-graders and 17 eighth-graders.

“The kids did an amazing job,” said director Mike Moriarty. “I had high expectations of their performances, and they exceeded those expectations. The house was packed both nights and the cast received many great compliments. It's always a fun experience working with these students.”

The notable stage decoration was the work of Maria Giglio, earning kudos from director Moriarty. “It's my fourth year working with Maria, and her sets and hard work have always been amazing,” he said. He also singled out student Catherine Taipe, who served as the production’s assistant director. “Catherine was an amazing help and could potentially produce or direct her own plays and movies one day,” said Moriarty.