JFK Science Fair Inspires Ideas

More than 100 third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students at JFK competed in the recent annual science fair, and all received a ribbon for their participation. A panel of judges chose three winners from each grade level, based on presentation, information and creativity.

First-place winners were third-grader Celest Gutierrez, fourth-grader Jacquelyn Izzo and fifth-grader Brenda Eising. In second place were third-grader Kayley Eising, fourth-grader Josiah Nelson and fifth-grader Hailey Busch. Earning third place were third-grader Ryder Min, fourth-grader Max Wenzel and fifth-grader Amanda Brown.

“The science fair gives our students the opportunity to plan, execute and present ideas relating to the world around them,” said teacher Joyce Carmen, chairwoman of the science fair. “It provides them with a deeper appreciation of the work of scientists and the value of their discoveries. I am so proud of their hard work, their talents and their accomplishments.”