Fun Adventures for Students with Special Needs


The District Office of Pupil Personnel Services, under the direction of Assistant Superintendent Frank Caliguiri, has worked with the Administrator of Student Services Mary Reynolds and Administrator of Special Education Randi Medeiros to develop extensive after school socialization programs for all district special needs students, grades K-12.

The goal of these specialized athletic and aquatics programs are to increase the opportunity for special needs students to be socially successful. Each program is designed to teach students (in an engaging environment) appropriate social skills to use when working with their peers in school, as well as adults outside of school. Students focus on abilities acquired through the various weekly after school activities and are provided with necessary life lessons needed for success.
A variety of specific strategies are learned, including health and safety, appropriate communication, personal interactions, turn taking, team building and self-esteem concerns. With the help of the Special Education Parent Faculty Club (SEPFC) and support of the Board of Education, special needs students are excelling through this valuable district program.