Fifth-Graders Celebrate Memories and the Future at Moving Up

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Fifth-graders at John F. Kennedy celebrated both their happy past and their ascendance to middle school during a recent moving up ceremony.

“You are ready to leave your fifth-grade teachers and JFK and meet the challenges of Robert Frost Middle School,” said Principal Susan Bonner, after the Pledge of Allegiance had been recited and “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung by Camryn Lefebvre. “Your hard work, amazing teachers and supportive parents have led you to today.” After reminding the students about their first day at JFK and all of the many activities and performances they experienced, she told them, “We hope you will smile when you think of the fun times and the forever friends you made.”

The 309 proud students received their graduation certificates and congratulations from Bonner, their teachers, Associate Principals Celeste Archer and Shaun McLeod, Superintendent of Schools Eva J. Demyen, and members of the Board of Education. A trio of music teachers then provided the backdrop for the JFK students’ touching group vocal performance of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Among the individual students honored were New York State Comptroller Achievement Award winner Brendan Eising and Triple “C” Award winners Branden Suriel and Esteysey Yanes Amaya. John Zuluaga-Romero received the County Executive’s Public Service Award from Robert Morelli of Executive Steve Bellone’s office, while Kelly Schwarz was recognized for unbroken perfect attendance from kindergarten all the way through fifth grade. The Principal’s Awards were presented to the student in each class who had the highest cumulative average.

“Thanks to our families for all of their support and guidance,” said Student Council President Alexa Belotti. “Let's take all our great memories to Robert Frost with us,” added Student Council Vice President Daniella Belotti, followed by an address by Frost Principal Eliana Levey. Congratulating what she called the future eighth-grade Class of 2017, Levey said, “Watching you today, I can see there are many great things awaiting us in September at Frost.”