Communication First

“It’s nice to see everybody come back with such energy, ready to start the year,” said Superintendent Eva Demyen, before introducing all of the year’s new instructional staff at the annual Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 2, and rolling out a new district theme of communication.

Using the classic comedy clip “Who’s on First?” by Abbott and Costello to illustrate her point about the value of clear communication, Demyen explained that Deer Park would focus on the acronym VOICE – with the “v” standing for video-on-demand for students, the “o” for ownership, the “i” for incentive and increasing student performance, the “c” for communication and the “e” for excellence.

Teachers Christopher Kauter and David Knuffke talked about technological tools to aid in communication with students and their parents. Knuffke showed how he uses his Twitter page to provide a constant stream of information for his students and a safe place for them to communicate in public, while Kauter discussed the Remind application and its uses.

Assessing New York State’s Common Core State Standards, Demyen noted that while her faculty members have done a good job with what the state has provided, a disconnect exists among the Standards, the Common Core’s modules and the assessments, which were planned and rolled out separately. “We will work with the state’s education department to make this more cohesive,” she said.