Falcon’s Nest Reopens

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A revamped edition of the high school’s school store, the Falcon’s Nest, recently reopened to rapturous reception by students and staff alike. The store is open during all lunch periods at the school, and for the first time, during 10th period as well.

During the day, the store offers spirit wear and accessories such as hoodies, lanyards and bucket hats, with new items being added weekly. Other popular products include school, phone and tech supplies; materials for seniors to construct their homecoming crowns; and necessary daily items like tissues, hand sanitizer and batteries.

Students manning the Nest are encouraged to conduct research on any items they wish to sell and bring it to the attention of store manager Sandy Stueber. “As long as the item is appropriate to sell in school, we place the order and go from there,” explained Stueber. “I'm trying to have the students select the items we sell. This way, we are successful.”

After school, the Falcon’s Nest morphs into a top snack destination offering drinks, protein bars and even freshly delivered pizza. “Students who stay after school for athletics or club activities are always looking for something to eat or drink,” said Stueber. “I have been working with the athletes to make sure they have access to what they want and need.”

Stueber is also working to eventually incorporate the school’s life skills students during the day. “We plan to partner each life skills student with a senior, and they will work together to do inventory, deliver beverages or materials to teachers, or even prepare fruit for us to sell in the store,” she said. “We are very excited with the potential.”