A Bounty of Bubbles at May Moore

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Bubbles were floating everywhere at May Moore on Jan. 30 when students were treated to the exciting “Bubblemania!” assembly program sponsored by the school’s PFC and presented by renowned entertainer Seth Bloom. Melding science, art and comedy, “Bubblemania!” provided interesting facts about bubbles while delighting the young learners in attendance.

From homemade bubble solutions to the properties of surface tension, the science of what the blue-haired, blue-gloved Bloom dubbed “bubble-ology” was explored. Bloom, who presents more than 350 shows a year worldwide, even made floating bubble spaceships and completely enclosed awe-struck first-grader Cannan Williams inside a giant soap bubble.

“The students and staff loved learning the science behind bubbles,” said Principal Alicia Konecny. “Bubbles not only involve children in learning, but they are fun, easy to use and ever-changing. Many science processes such as investigation, discovery, experimentation, observation, definition, comparison and classification can be learned simply by playing with bubbles. The best part was seeing the wondrous reactions of the students to the different sized bubbles. They were completely engaged in the various experiments, though I’m certain they enjoyed popping them the best of all!”