Deer Park’s Music PROJECT


District students had the opportunity to spend the day learning from the professional musicians of PROJECT Trio. The members of PROJECT Trio, Peter Seymour on bass, Greg Pattillo on flute and cellist Eric Stephenson, believe that there is a direct correlation between artistry and scholastic achievement and instructed students in ways for them to reach their fullest potential.
The day began with an inspiring concert where students were introduced to the high-energy chamber music ensemble. Blending their classical training with an eclectic taste in musical styles, PROJECT Trio showed students the versatility of their instruments.

Groups of student-musicians, including the high school jazz band, the high school guitar ensemble, and flute players in grades 5-12, then worked with PROJECT Trio on selections of music that fused hip-hop, rock and pop with traditional instrumental music.
The day culminated with a community concert led by the members of PROJECT Trio, which showcased the students’ new musical styling.