Frost’s ‘Charmless’ Proves Charming


With Lavinia Roberts’ comedy “Prince Charmless,” the young actors of Robert Frost presented a festive frolic set in medieval times with performances on March 20 and 21. Directed by Mike Moriarty, with set design and direction by Maria Giglio, the annual school play starred Ray Ugalde in the title role, beset by a veritable parade of princesses.

The cast also featured Sanjay Singh as King Bertrum; Julianna Gentile as Queen Millicent; Mariandre Lopez as Princess Pandora; Sara Rodriguez as Princess Pansy; Kristen Alo as Princess Penelope; Mackenize Caldone and Alex Lovera as Princess Philippa; Tahana Ahmed as Princess Portia; Jennifer Wern as Princess Priscilla; Christina Vittorio as Princess Prunella; Tristan Tirado as Prince Charming; Nicole Konadu as Royal Advisor; Jordan Minerva as Jester; John Miranda as Sir Winfred; Josephine Moser as Lady Pompsey and Ogre; Valerie Alfaro as Madame Muzette; Nina Ugalde as Hildagard; Katie Plitt as Baker; Isabella Giglio as Paige; Alexa Belotti and Daniella Belotti as Physicians and Chefs; Makenzie Caldone as Serf; and Allie Costanza, Sydney Farrell, Amanda Muller, Jen Sebok, Isabella Serrano and Nimrah Salim as Minstrels.

Scott Surdi provided sound and lighting direction, while Allie Costanza served as the student director. Led by co-managers Ally Doogan and Alle Siegel, the stage crew included Bella Aparicio, Giselle Aparicio, Roha Arshad, Zaria Barclift, Ryan Brooks, Sam Canonica, Ushima Chowdhury, Samantha Coccaro, Heather Dillon, Tyler Dillon, Lindsey Dominique, Juliane Espoito, Sabrina Felipe, Adriana Gonzalez, Tianna Greene, Nick Hofacker, Abigail Kasten, Dana Laissle, Morgan Laissle, Jamie Martin, Julianna Monaco, Victoria Mung, Alia Naqvi, Claudia Narvaez, Amar Qasir, Alyssa Robb, Samantha Salfali, Tasfia Shaikh, Gabriela Sroka, Gianna Stazzone, Ciara Taylor, Brooke Williams and Marissa Woods.

“Creating this show was a long process, and the weather didn’t help, but as always it was a fun experience for the kids as well as Maria Giglio and myself,” said Moriarty. “We were hit with many obstacles this year, but the kids stepped up their A game and proved once again that the drama students of Deer Park are hard workers who are always intent on giving a great performance. Maria and I really enjoyed working with this group of kids.”