Turning a Gymnasium into a Planetarium


Students at May Moore walked into their gym on April 14 to find that it had been transformed into something spectacularly different, thanks to the Sky Dome, a portable, inflatable planetarium.

The students, ranging from kindergarten through second grade, and their teachers climbed through a tunnel and entered the dome. Once they were all seated, they closed our eyes, then opened them to the sight of a “star-filled” sky, eliciting excited “oohs” and “aahs” from the children. The Sky Dome’s navigator introduced the students to the planets and some of their moons, explaining interesting facts about the planets as they visited each one. The students were then guided through the stars of the Northern Hemisphere and learned how to identify some of them in the night sky, along with their respective Greek mythological characters. 

“This in-school virtual field trip allowed the students to get an up-close and personal tour of our solar system,” said teacher Dana Grafstein. “The presentations were geared toward each grade level and ended with a memorable meteor shower where the students made wishes on the shooting stars.”