Fabulous Fundraising Fourth-Graders Build Responsibility

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Building a strong sense of citizenship and responsibility, fourth-graders in Marie Marck’s classroom at JFK stepped up to support those in need through two fundraising efforts during the school year.

Last October, the students collected more than $623 for UNICEF through Chores for Kids, with the students volunteering to do chores at home in exchange for donations. Recently, due to their awareness of needs around the world, the students organized a quick second fundraiser for the Red Cross to help areas of Nepal devastated by earthquakes. They studied maps and areas of impact, taking turns during lunch periods to advertise the need for earthquake relief, and collected more than $450 in donations.

“Each year I am amazed at the response from children when they are called to action,” said Marck. “This class has not only helped people in need, but they gained a valuable experience that will help them develop into great citizens.”