Mentors Make Gifts to Remember


Students in the high school’s mentoring program held an inaugural tie dye event on May 1, creating original tie dye designs on T-shirts as gifts for their “little brothers and little sisters” at the district’s two primary schools.

The mentoring program provides younger students with a big brother or big sister to help them with homework as well as providing good, positive role models to look up to. The high schoolers presented the shirts to the JQA and May Moore students at parties celebrating the end of the mentoring season.

“This is the first year we are giving the little ones gifts to remember their mentors by,” said program adviser Beth Kabaservice. “The mentors loved it, and it is nice that they will be able to give their kids a little bit of love to hold onto for the rest of the year. We wanted to show them that we appreciate them as much as they appreciate us.”