May Moore First-Graders Present Endangered Animal Fair

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Pamela Arcuri’s first-grade class at May Moore presented an endangered animal fair on June 4, serving as the culmination of an extensive project that incorporated reading, writing, research, creative arts, technology and public speaking.

The students worked cooperatively in groups to learn about six endangered animals – elephants, tigers, polar bears, sea turtles, cheetahs and blue whales – and share what they had discovered about their selected endangered animal, what dangers that species is facing and what humans can do to help. 

At the evening event, open to visiting parents and families, six stations were set up in the school’s gym, one for each animal group. To prepare, the first-graders created news stories on the animals using the school’s green screen studio, prepared informational poster boards, made animal cut-outs for taking “selfies” and set up laptops for visitors to sign online petitions to help save these species. They also collected donations to symbolically adopt the six endangered animals, and thanks to their generous families, raised more than $250, which will be put towards helping endangered animals.

“I commend Mrs. Arcuri and her first-graders on a job well done,” said Principal Alicia Konecny. “The children become experts!”

In addition to exploring facts about the endangered animals, the children learned about taking care of the earth, and the threats to both animals and humans that are posed by global warming, pollution and habitat loss. At the fair, the students also provided examples of ways to help the earth, such as using less electricity and plastic. 

“I was so proud of all of my students and hope they carry these lessons with them into adulthood,” said Arcuri.