Exploring Literature in Deer Park


John F Kennedy Intermediate School teachers engaged their classes in a variety of literature during Literacy Week. Each classroom door was transformed into a life-sized book cover portraying a popular children’s story or novel, and teachers celebrated their students as writers and readers with classroom activities. Inside the school library students were exposed to the works of professional authors and introduced to the diverse genres available to them. 

As a culmination of week’s events, district students and families were invited to an author evening. Teachers kicked-off the night with a literary performance using puppets to engage students, read stories and act out scenes. From the stage teachers prompted students to complete character lines and describe story lines.

After the show the school’s gymnasium served as a meet-and-greet for students, parents and the featured authors. Authors displayed a collection of their books and students had the opportunity to speak with them about their stories, the writing process and how a book goes from a vision to a published work. Books carrying themes of science, sports, friendship, and fortitude were represented and students shared classic tales as well as new titles of interest with friends and family.