Students Learn the Impact of a Crash

The high school continued its mission to keep its students and community safe with a powerful program entitled “Project Impact.”

Project Impact is a staged demonstration that shows students what happens when an automobile accident involving alcohol and destructive decisions occurs. The demonstration uses a simulation that incorporates audio, video, and student performances. This community effort utilized a local panel consisting of Suffolk County Police Officers, the Deer Park EMT/Fire Department and a prosecution attorney, as well as real-life victims of accidents involving substance abuse.

Led by the school’s Health Education Action Team (HEAT), students simulated a serious car collision involving a driver and friends. Rescue squads responded to the injured passengers by rushing to their aid, illustrating the critical time crunch of a life-and-death accident scene. Each student represented the potential consequences of such a crash by acting out his or her injuries using physical and medical equipment, props and makeup. Project Impact identified the spectrum of outcomes, which ranged from a student walking away from the accident unharmed to a student’s death at the crash site and another in the emergency room. In addition, the driver at fault was taken through the legal and monetary repercussions of his or her actions.

At the conclusion of Project Impact, each student reflected on his or her role in the simulation, expressing emotions of guilt, hurt, fear and relief. Project Impact was presented to students during the day, while a special night event invited parents and community members to view this moving program.