Brotherly Bear Hug Reunites Freshman and Grad

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In a unexpected reunion full of brotherly love, high school freshman Dylan Poppe was visited by his brother, Kevin, on Sept. 18. Kevin, a Deer Park graduate from the Class of 2013, had been away at U.S. Army boot camp since January.

Dylan was unaware his brother had returned, and their mother brought Kevin in to sign Dylan out of school as a surprise. Associate Principal Craig Evans secured permission for the reunion to take place in social studies teacher Vanessa Whitney’s classroom, where an unsuspecting Dylan was preparing for a quiz.

When Kevin walked in the door, his sibling was caught completely off guard.  Instantly elated, the elated younger Poppe gave his brother a huge bear hug, almost knocking him over, and the class erupted in applause.

The emotional reunion brought tears to the eyes of both Whitney and the class teaching assistant, Kosisochukwu Ikwuazon. “It was a heartwarming moment, and one I will always treasure,” said Whitney.