DPHS Artist on Display at Hispanic Heritage Fest

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A painting by high school senior Regina Ambrosio was featured at the 17th annual Hispanic Heritage Month Festival, presented by the Town of Babylon. Held on Oct. 17 at the Tanner Park Senior Center in Copiague, the event was hosted by Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer and the Department of Human Services.

Her piece was created for teacher Derek Mainhart’s AP Art Studio class, and fit perfectly into the festival’s theme for this year, “Hispanic Americans: Energizing Our Nation’s Diversity.” Using watercolor and acrylic as a medium, Ambrosio found thematic inspiration in the time of year, focusing on the traditional Mexican holiday of Dia de Muertos.

“In my artwork, I wanted to go against the way the Day of the Dead is typically portrayed,” she said. “This dark subject matter is often depicted with dark hues of red, brown and yellow. So I used pastels and light hues to create contrast between subject matter and my approach.”

The display at the Hispanic Heritage Festival proved memorable for the young artist.

“It was incredible to gain insight on the beautiful culture that inspired my piece, and to see people’s reactions to it,” said Ambrosio.