A Day of Life Lessons

The district honored the lives lost on September 11th and those who serve our country with patriotic ceremonies throughout the schools. At John F. Kennedy Intermediate, John Quincy Adams and May Moore Elementary Schools, students participated in lessons and projects that educated them on the events of that tragic day and how it has affected New York and the world.     

To mark the ten-year anniversary, school assemblies were held in which students recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang songs that celebrated the unity and strength of America and its people. Following the presentations, each student received a flag to be placed on the school grounds during flag-planting memorials. Students embedded small flags on the schools’ lawns, creating a landscape of red, white and blue.

In addition, teachers shared age-appropriate literature that described the importance and impact of September 11th. Students worked from the book On That Day: A Book of Hope for Children by Andrea Patel in their classrooms, which sparked discussion and answered critical questions. The book responds in a remarkably uplifting way to the September 11th tragedy and describes the simple yet hopeful message that even though bad things happen in the world, individual people always have the choice to do good things.

The impactful day was dedicated to life and learning as it reflected on this monumental time in history for Americans and New Yorkers.