Safety First

A bright yellow bus parked in front of Abraham Lincoln School served as a life-sized educational tool for pre-kindergarten students. Safety Sally, a bus safety program provided through Eastern Suffolk BOCES, visited students to educate them on the proper way to board, ride and exit the bus.
Instruction began with lessons on how to cross the street when waiting at the bus stop for pickup and at the end of the day for drop-off. Students learned the different bus signs and signals and the distance needed to walk in front of the vehicle. After climbing the stairs of the bus, carefully holding onto the handrail, students watched an animated video in which the characters illustrated how to behave on the bus during rides to and from school.
The hands-on transportation program concluded with a simulated emergency exit. Students practiced how to exit from the back door of the bus with the assistance of an adult and move to a secure area for further directions. The experience helped students to become more comfortable when riding the bus and ensure that they are knowledgeable in bus safety.