Senior Artists Chosen for Inspirational Exhibition


The exceptional art skills of seniors Regina Ambrosio and Alex Troisi were recognized recently with their selection for the LIU Post “Advanced Visions 12: High School Artists of Excellence” exhibit.

Ambrosio’s “Endless” and Troisi’s “Cog-nition” pieces were displayed at Post’s Student Art League gallery, now located in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library. Accompanied by teacher Derek Mainhart, the two AP Art Studio students were honored at an reception at Post on Jan. 27.

“‘Endless’ is an expression of both man and nature working seamlessly together,” said Ambrosio. “In the piece, I paired the natural beauty of our seasonal environment with the beauty of the female face to depict an endless relationship between the two. I used acrylic paint and bright colors to achieve an effect that is both textured and weightless.”

“‘Cog-nition’ is a sculpture I produced of a head with a window to the inner workings of the mind,” said Troisi. “It’s made of stained plywood and metal gears, and the piece is meant to represent the contrast of the plain exterior that humans may exhibit and the complex machinery that is our minds.”

Both students were positively affected by the exhibition experience.

“I greatly enjoyed seeing the reactions of viewers, especially those of the professors and staff of LIU,” said Ambrosio.

“As a student artist looking to pursue a career in art, being able to view the works of other artists my age was helpful as well as inspirational for my future work,” said Troisi.