A Day (or Two) of Clay at JFK


Two visiting artists and instructors – Vincent Osmeris of LIU Post on March 14 and Ricki Weisfelner of Farmingdale School District on March 15 – visited John F. Kennedy Intermediate for a double “Day of Clay” activity. The guest artists led the school’s entire fifth-grade in an exciting clay lesson, providing the students with a start to ceramics through an exercise in texture exploration, using the school’s own PTA-supplied kiln.

“Both Vincent and Ricki were amazing, sharing their talents with the kids, who were so excited and proud of what they created,” said art teacher Laurie Schwartz. “It was also beneficial to me to be able to learn different skills with clay from these two artists, which I hope to use in the coming years with my students here at JFK.”

The event was sponsored by the Deer Park Arts Council through the organization’s year of fundraising events.

“We were very happy to be able to support this program and bring something of significance to the students of JFK,” said DPAC President Ron Becker.