The district works throughout the school year to ensure the safety of its students and educate them to carry out a healthy lifestyle. Most recently, Robert Frost Middle School students participated in Red Ribbon Week, the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for students to make a personal commitment to live drug-free lives, with the ultimate goal of a drug-free America.

Throughout the week, students engaged in a variety of drug prevention programs such as Police Smart. Police Smart is facilitated by local law enforcement officers who speak to students on the devastating consequences of drug and alcohol use and draw from personal and professional experiences to impact the student audience. In addition, National Junior Honor Society and Student Council members created a visual display for their peers and community by placing red ribbons on the trees that border the school. During the week, all students attended school wearing red to signify their dedication to the drug-free movement.

Students at John F. Kennedy Intermediate School united for Red Ribbon Week to promote a drug-free environment and raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse. Students wore red ribbons that symbolized their commitment to the positive movement and participated in a variety of educational activities.

Each day of the week was designated to being drug free and featured its own theme, such as “Be a Hero - Pledge to Be Drug Free” and “Go Green - Don’t Let Drugs Pollute Your Life.” Students learned about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drug use through an engaging assembly entitled, “We’re No Dummies, We Don’t Take Drugs.” In addition, all students had the opportunity to participate in the school’s essay contest, which was inspired by this year’s theme “HERO” - Help, Encourage and Respect Others.