Students Bring the HEAT

Deer Park’s Health Education Action Team (HEAT) presented at the annual New York Highway Safety Symposium. High school students Keesha Hilarion, Haley Pratt, Steven Lynchard and Brandon Ramsaran, under the leadership of club advisor Sherry Deacon, were selected to share their knowledge of innovative district programs during the symposium, which featured critical information on teens and destructive decisions. Students spoke about the need for teens to make better decisions when getting behind the wheel, especially refraining cell phone use, specifically texting while driving.  

During their presentations, students addressed state agencies, including the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, the Division of Criminal Justice Services and the Department of Transportation, and spoke on topics of prevention, enforcement, prosecution and proactive education. Students interacted with various professionals, exchanged information, and learned about grants, legislative issues, data and statistics, as well as effective local, state and federal initiatives to make the roads safer.

The New York Highway Safety Symposium attracts more than 350 professionals from local, state, federal and private agencies who are involved in efforts to reduce deaths and injuries related to traffic accidents.