Middle Schoolers Offer Homemade Help for Soup Kitchen

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In a caring show of community service, Frost seventh-graders in the home and career class of Cindy Adriaenssens and Paula Behrens recently used their knowledge of nutrition and baking to make 40 loaves of homemade whole-grain-and-seed bread for The Mercy Inn Soup Kitchen at Trinity Church in Wyandanch.

While honing their skills, the students strengthened a caring community by helping others, and contributed to better nutrition by preparing a healthier bread recipe.  

“I was happy to help,” said student Glen Hope, who helped bake, wrap and deliver the needed loaves. “I’m glad I learned baking and organization skills, so now I know how to help others in need.”

The students are already looking forward to Mercy Inn’s request for future assistance in making rolls and desserts for the soup kitchen.

“I am always proud of how our students always rise so enthusiastically to community service opportunities,” said Behrens.