Middle Schoolers Move on Up to High School


With their friends and family members in the crowd, eighth graders at Robert Frost Middle School in Deer Park celebrated during their moving up ceremony on June 22.

Led by Dr. Eliana Levey, Frost’s principal, the students were called one-by-one to the podium to receive the certificates they had been working for three years to attain.

“The middle school chapter could potentially be the most challenging,” Dr. Levey said. “I promised you that you’d end on a high note, and here we are tonight.”

Student Council President Raymond Ugalde congratulated his fellow classmates on the momentous accomplishment, telling them that he looks forward to seeing what they all accomplish in the years to come.

“We are known as the social media generation,” Ugalde said. “Everything we do or say has been posted online almost our whole lives. Even our parents are posting about us. We are labeled as the generation with our heads down looking at our phones. For as much as that might be true, I am here to remind everyone that we are much more than that.”

Dr. Levey and Associate Principals Charles Cobb and Gary Ramonetti presented several awards throughout the program. Students stood up as their names were called, receiving well-deserved applause. Cobb was recently appointed to be the new principal at Deer Park High School, so he will be following the graduating class on the next step in their educational journey.

“Three years ago, I got to call you the Robert Frost Class of 2016,” Cobb said. “From this point forward, I will refer to you as the Deer Park High School Class of 2020.”