Deer Park School District Elementary Schools have developed unique, extensive Character Education programs to expose students to proper decision making skills and equip them with the ability to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. 

May Moore students learned from actor-singer-storyteller Lou Del Bianco with his original stories and songs that illustrated the concepts of character in “Make A Good Choice.” Honesty, responsibility, tolerance, effort and self-control were illustrated through Lou’s experiences growing up. His relatable “crossroad” situations engaged students in interactive songs and stories demonstrating how individual character is tested in various life events.

Photos from his childhood were posted throughout the gym and students learned lessons from Lou’s personal tales; taking care of the family dog, sharing a home with six sisters, and his adventurous outings. Pre-show activities conducted in the classroom combined artistic and literary skills connecting students to the scenarios and preparing for the themes of the event. 

John Quincy Adams celebrated the character trait “respect” through authentic literature, specifically, Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon. At this month's character education assembly, students connected with Deer Park High School drama students, led by Mrs. Lila Schmitt. Drama students reenacted Stellaluna and role-played characteristics of respect, even performing a “respect” rap song written by a high school student, tailored for the younger students.

The partnership between the Deer Park schools will continue throughout the Character Education themes facilitating an outlet for all grade levels to understand and relate to common topics. Principal Kelly Diamond reflected of the ultimate goal of the year-long program, “We encourage our students to show these traits throughout the year, in a way we are hoping that behaving respectfully, kindly will become "natural" to our students.