An Exciting Return to School


The thrill of new schools and new friends – and returning to familiar hallways after a summer away – filled the buses, playgrounds and classrooms of the Deer Park School District on Sept. 7 as students poured happily into May Moore and John Quincy Adams primary schools, John F. Kennedy Intermediate School, Robert Frost Middle School, and Deer Park High School.

“It seemed as if summer never happened as we were greeted with the familiar sounds of students learning and making new friends,” said Christopher Molinelli, the new principal of John Quincy Adams. “We were welcomed with the same smiles and hellos from students who were now a few inches taller. Students and staff had a wonderful start to an exciting new year.”

“We were so thrilled to welcome all our new sixth-graders as well as our returning students,” said Robert Frost Principal Eliana Levey. “Everyone seemed truly excited to be back.”