No Snoozing During the Winter Play

Under the direction of Ms. Lubrano, the students of May Moore Elementary School’s Music Club presented their annual wintertime performance of Snoozy Snowflake for parents, classmates and community members.

Set during the wintertime, the story centers on Snoozy Smowflake, played by student Jordan Perez, whose actions have held up the first snowfall of winter. Snoozy claims to be tired and just wants to rest, but the real reason for her lack of enthusiasm is that she desires to be different. Her teacher, Mr. Frost, played by teacher Jeremy Smith, reminds Snoozy that all snowflakes are different and each possesses unique qualities. Hearing that she is special is a joyous revelation to Snoozy and she is reminded that each person is special and capable of making a unique contribution to his or her family, school, and community.

A cast of 20 student ‘snowflakes’ and 11 others dazzled the audience with a variety of songs including “Snow’s a No-Show” and “Get Flakey.” Special thanks to Ms. Lubrano, the entire cast, Ms. Cullinane (set design), Ms. Bogart (audio), Ms. LoPiccolo (t-shirts), Mrs. Skoljarev (snowflake) and all of the parents for attending.