May Moore Kindergartners Show Gratitude on Veterans Day

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Kindergartners in Tammy Cotrone’s class at Deer Park’s May Moore Primary School celebrated Veterans Day by creating a Wall of Heroes, which featured photos of family members and friends who have served or are currently enlisted in a branch of the armed forces.

Practicing their literary skills, students drafted a class letter describing their recent lessons on the origin and history of Veterans Day, as well as providing a formal “thank you” to the servicemen and women who protect the nation. Students also made messages for veterans and created a poster with their hands traced into a heart, expressing their gratitude. The well wishes were delivered to Babylon Town Hall for officials to distribute and share with local veterans.

“I come from a strong military family,” said Cotrone. “My dad, who is still alive and 91 years old, fought in World War II. My mom was also a sergeant in World War II, and my brother was in Vietnam. So I am so very proud to do this each year with my class. This holiday has a special place in my heart.”