Annually Amazing One Act Play Festival

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Superb acting performances and directing skills were on display at the high school’s annual One Act Play Festival, directed by teachers Michael Moriarty and Catherine Lubrano.

The theater showcase, held on Oct. 28 and 29, featured 10 different short plays, each directed by a student: Peter Pit’s “Gatecrashers,” directed by Anthony Henkel; Jonathan Yukich’s “Crooked Fork,” directed by Jivensley Alexis; David Susman’s “Film Appreciation,” directed by Alexandra Lovera; Mark Harvey Levine’s “Misfortune,” directed by Catherine Taipe; Diana Son’s “The Moon Please,” directed by Ryan Connors; Don Zolidis’ “15 Minutes of Clown Fame,” directed by Tori DiTomasso; Rhea MacCallum’s “Kill Me, Please!,” directed by Allie Costanza; Michele Markarian’s “Phoning It In,” directed by Makenzie Caldone; and Andy T. Haynes’ “Battle Tactics” and Jennifer Kirkeby’s “Time Warp,” both directed by Samantha Connolly.

“Working with such talented students is such a pleasure for myself and Cathy Lubrano,” said Michael Moriarty, the director of the festival. “To see student directors choose a play, cast it and carry out rehearsals is a very cool experience. What’s even better is that sometimes you notice when a director starts applying techniques that you have used over the years. It’s funny at times, because they actually start sounding like you. The students of this district continue to amaze us year after year.”