An “I” on Technology

John F. Kennedy Intermediate School’s self-contained fifth-grade class, led by teacher John Colford and speech therapist Dana Hagan, were part of a team of educators, administrators, iPad app developers and camera crew that came together to showcase what students have learned using the iPad ShowMe application.

The makers of ShowMe are in the process of creating a promotional video to illustrate the exemplary use of its application in schools, and JFK was selected for its successful integration of the program into the classroom. ShowMe is an interactive whiteboard that allows users to record words, write on the tablet, and import pictures to create an original and unique final product.

To begin production, Mrs. Hagan was interviewed on how she utilizes the app during speech-language therapy, and how the tactile and phonic exercises benefit students. The class then engaged in small group work to demonstrate ShowMe lessons and reviewed previously recorded ShowMe projects featuring U.S. landmarks. Students also worked with Mr. Colford on a literary lesson, which focused on the parts of speech. The cameras documented the students’ development throughout the session as they expanded their vocabularies and improved pronunciation.

Following the taping, students had the opportunity to review the tape and learn how the audiovisual equipment is used.