Language Students Connect via Videoconference

High school foreign language students studying French, Spanish and Italian all had the opportunity to videoconference with students at either John Quincy Adams or May Moore Elementary School in a three-day initiative designed to benefit both groups with language enrichment.

On day three of this effort, Ms. Conroy’s Italian class, comprised of seniors, teleconferenced with second graders at JQA Elementary School.

“Doing this helps students express language in a fun and immersive way,” said
Deer Park Curriculum Director of World Languages/ESL Gina Palasciano.

Ms. Conroy’s class prepared skits, created posters, sang songs and used props that reinforced the basic learning of the Italian words for numbers, colors, animals and foods. Elementary students had worksheets and crayons to use as they followed along during the lesson and completed activities. The high school students sang the familiar children’s ditty “Old MacDonald,” which they combined with their posters and puppets to teach the names of the animals.

Students have been participating in this type of interaction between the grades for many years, using teleconferencing for over five years. They use SKYPE, projected onto Smartboards, to view one another, while the camera and microphone are attached to standard computers.

Students will be celebrating National Foreign Language Week throughout the week of March 5.